Preserve your legacy and unlock the value of your business

Backcountry Partners is an ideal solution for closely-held businesses exploring an ownership transition



Dedicated to acquiring and operating a successful privately-held business and committed to long-term sustainable growth and value creation.

Backcountry Partners is an entrepreneurial investment firm led by a seasoned professional focused exclusively on acquiring one great business and enhancing its value for years to come. Backed by successful entrepreneurs, experienced operators, and leading investors, Backcountry is an ideal solution for sellers who care about preserving and enhancing the company and culture they have worked hard to build.

Focus. Committed to acquiring and operating one business at a time. You will have my sole focus and attention throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition and successful outcome.

Flexibility. Highly flexible and creative acquisition structures tailored to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Source of Capital. Backed by a team of world-class investors, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Efficiency. Highly skilled in identifying attractive businesses, conducting an efficient due diligence process, and quickly resolving questions that inevitably arise during the transaction process. 

Culture & Employees. Culture is the driving force behind all successful organizations. I am passionate about partnering with outstanding people and providing opportunities for employee development and job creation in the community.

Value Creation. Sustainable long-term growth, focused on honoring, preserving, and enhancing your legacy.

Time Horizon. A patient, long-term approach ensures that all strategic and financial decisions are aligned with the success of the business and the employees and customers it serves.



Focused on much more than the bottom line, Backcountry looks for companies with the following characteristics:


  • Favorable long-term macroeconomic trends

  • Minimal cyclicality and seasonality

  • Minimal exposure to exogenous factors (e.g. commodity, regulatory, legal)

  • Low technology risk


  • Recurring or repeat revenues

  • Highly defensible position in its markets and with its customers

  • Proven history of growth and profitability (no turnarounds or early-stage)

  • Privately-held business based in North America


  • Closely-held business with an honest, motivated seller committed to a smooth transition 

  • Strong company culture

  • Talented middle management and dedicated employee base



Managed by an experienced professional and backed by leading investors, successful entrepreneurs, and seasoned operators.


Justin Gilson

Founder & Managing Partner

Justin is the founder and managing partner of Backcountry and is responsible for the identification, acquisition, and operation of the acquired company. Prior to founding Backcountry, Justin was a private equity investor at Transom Capital Group. During his tenure at Transom, Justin played an integral role in evaluating and executing acquisitions of middle market businesses in a variety of industries. Prior to Transom, he was with The Compass Group, a leading private equity investment firm. Justin started his career at UBS Investment Bank in the Global Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Group.

Justin earned his MBA, with honors, from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Michigan.

Justin grew up in Spring Lake, Michigan and is an avid hockey player, skiier, and outdoorsman. He currently resides in Manhattan Beach, California with his wife, Sara, and daughter, Dylan.

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If you or someone you know is considering transitioning ownership of a business, or if you are an intermediary, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I deeply value the trust, credibility and relationships that I have built over the last several years of my career. I firmly believe the best opportunities come through a  warm introduction  and I am always looking to expand and strengthen my network. I am excited to learn about new businesses that meet my investment criteria and welcome introductions to companies that are represented by brokers or other intermediaries.

Please contact me for more information on how I can help you achieve the best possible outcome for you or your client. 



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